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How to Dispose Your Scrap Car

If you have a car it looks like it doesn't have any worth at all, or maybe it is not worthy for you anymore, then what are you going to do? Will you just stock it in your garage? How would you dispose your scrap car?


Scrap my car hampshire also give us the reality that whatever luxury we had before will just be another scrap today. But do not lose hope because you can still get some advantage from it. The question is how do you go about disposing of this big old lump of metal.


Well, the answer is just simple. You just need to call a professional to let it dispose for you. They will get your scrap car and put it in a safe place where it is an environmental friendly for it - a recycling and de-contaminating for every scrap car. After that, you can call a scrap car dealer to dispose your car through selling it. This is a great idea because your car will not just be disposed but you will also have money from it.


There are actually a lot of scrap car dealers in every place in the world. Well, there is a problem with this. Because there are a lot of scrap car dealers, fake scrap car dealers take advantage of it. They claim that they are certified scrap car dealer well in fact they are not.  With this, it is hard to find out who is really a professional scrap car dealer or not.


Now, to help you with it, below are the things you need to see and consider in looking for a professional scrap dealer to make sure that your scrap car will not be wasted.


Look for a company that is well established, experienced and works within your locality. Make sure to deal with a company that is Environment Agency licensed. This license guarantees that the company is working within the boundaries of the law in respect to the carrying and transportation of scrap metal and scrap cars.


There also certain documents that you need to sign when dealing with these certified companies. If you deal with a company that does not give you any legal documents, then it is the right time to find another company that is really certified and licensed.



Be sure that your vehicle is taken away by recovery truck and not towed or driven away as it may not be in a road worthy condition. Professionals know that it is not safe to drive a scrap car away for it might have a problem along the day. Thus professional scrap car dealers usually get cars through recovery trucks.


Also, make sure that the payment is sent on the same day the car is taken away from you.


These are the things you should remember in disposing your scrap car, we buy any car portsmouth here!